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Welcome to Forever Bearville! We hope you have a great time here :) Don't forget to recruit and play games! Thank you, and have a great day! (:
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Annalise's Trading teaparty

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1Annalise's Trading teaparty  Empty Annalise's Trading teaparty on Mon Jul 09, 2012 5:55 pm


Items I offer (These are items from my inventory that I want to trade):From Bearville Outfitters:
. Fuzzy Clogs (Redish Pink)Annalise's Trading teaparty  Ihave
. Furry Feet Annalise's Trading teaparty  Ihave42
. Moose slippers (white) Annalise's Trading teaparty  Ihave16
. Flower Power Tank Top (Redish Pink)Annalise's Trading teaparty  Ihave2
. Embroided (purple) Annalise's Trading teaparty  Ihave39
. BasketBall outfit (yellow) Annalise's Trading teaparty  Ihave40
. Heart Print (Blue) Annalise's Trading teaparty  Ihave41
. Embroided (blue) Annalise's Trading teaparty  Ihave36
. Heart Print (red) Annalise's Trading teaparty  Ihave38
. Embroided (yellow) Annalise's Trading teaparty  Ihave35
. Fuzzy Clogs (pink) Annalise's Trading teaparty  Ihave37
. Embroided (pink) Annalise's Trading teaparty  Ihave5
. Embroided (green) Annalise's Trading teaparty  Ihave6
. Ballet flats (pink) Annalise's Trading teaparty  Ihave4
. Ballet flats (pink) Annalise's Trading teaparty  Ihave10
. Ballet flats (purple) Annalise's Trading teaparty  Ihave14
. Roller skates (blue) Annalise's Trading teaparty  Ihave15
. Moose slippers (red) Annalise's Trading teaparty  Ihave12
. Gold embroided (purple) Annalise's Trading teaparty  Ihave7
. Floral carpi (yellow) Annalise's Trading teaparty  Ihave9
. Foral carpi (periwinkal) Annalise's Trading teaparty  Ihave8
. Heart print (blue)
Thank-you for taking time to read this, *Special note: Make fair offers please!

Items I am looking for.
.Light grenn,Light blue,Periwinkal,silver *moose slippers*Annalise's Trading teaparty  Ihave16
.Silver, Light blue *ballet flats*Annalise's Trading teaparty  Ihave17
.Dark blue, periwinkal, light green *fur faux purse*Annalise's Trading teaparty  Ihave18
. periwinkal, black *buffalo hats*Annalise's Trading teaparty  Ihave19
.light blue, dark blue, pink, periwinkal, light green, yellow *dance star outfit*Annalise's Trading teaparty  Ihave20
.pink, yellow, silver, white, black, dark blue, light blue, light green *leopard kitty top*Annalise's Trading teaparty  Ihave21
. pink *white eyelet dress*Annalise's Trading teaparty  Ihave22
.periwinkal, silver *heart print tea*Annalise's Trading teaparty  Ihave23
.dark blue, silver, light green, *criss cross tank top*Annalise's Trading teaparty  Ihave24
.yellow, silver, black, light blue, dark blue, periwinkal *faux fur pom pom skates*Annalise's Trading teaparty  Ihave25
.white, periwinkal, *stripes denim top*Annalise's Trading teaparty  Ihave26
.light purple, black, white, periwinkal, *bubble dress*Annalise's Trading teaparty  Ihave27
.light purple, periwinkal, *fairy dress*Annalise's Trading teaparty  Ihave28
.pink, periwinkal, *polka dot belted top*Annalise's Trading teaparty  Ihave29
.pink, light green, *gem top*Annalise's Trading teaparty  Ihave30
.silver, light purple, *floral gem top*Annalise's Trading teaparty  Ihave31
.black, dark blue, light green, yellow, *gold embroided top*Annalise's Trading teaparty  Ihave32
.periwinkal, pink, silver, light green, *flower power tops*Annalise's Trading teaparty  Ihave33
.light green, light blue, dark blue, periwinkal, *fubulous top*Annalise's Trading teaparty  Ihave34
*the pictures for the things I am looking for is for you to see what it is suppose to look like*
I spent all night on this lol so please consider what I have done to help you and me have a fair trade.

2Annalise's Trading teaparty  Empty Re: Annalise's Trading teaparty on Tue Jul 10, 2012 3:01 pm


My green wand for any color of your moose slippers?

3Annalise's Trading teaparty  Empty Re: Annalise's Trading teaparty on Tue Jul 10, 2012 8:20 pm


Theami<3 wrote:My green wand for any color of your moose slippers?

Sorry, not really looking for green wand, I am looking for letter main jackets in these colors (light pink, light purple, light blue, dark blue, black, light green and light green)

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